Technology-Driven Solutions

Sometimes the industry in which your business or organization functions pre-determines how technology supports your operations. Other times, technical details drive how technology is implemented and managed. VTS’ solutions were born and nurtured by years of experience in each of the technology domains listed below. Our architects and analysts have many well-documented examples of success with implementing and managing Technology-Driven Solutions. See the list of our competencies below:

Technology Strategy

Ready, shoot, aim… All too often this is how business' and organizations approach technology. Successful technology implementations and ongoing management of them, starts with proper planning. Our technologists help you translate your business problems AND opportunities into a Technology Strategy that you can budget and plan for.

Project Management

In its most simple terms, proper Project Management is applied to insure that the deliverables of your business and technology strategy are properly implemented. Our project managers are certified and use VTS’ PMBOK based methodology to help you enhance the success of your project. We offer proven tools and templates that have the wisdom of years of successful project engagements ‘baked-in’.

System Integration

To achieve efficiency in your business process, your software must be configured for tight integration with your other software solutions. This begins with a solid understanding of your business processes, and extends to the technical deployment. VTS understands, and has helped our clients integrate their own and other 3rd party systems. Our architects and analysts have the deep business knowledge and technical know-how to manage the success of your integration project.

Vendor Management

Meetings, presentations, RFP’s, contracts, negotiation, oversight, these are the things that most successful businesses and organizations lack time to manage. Yet left unchecked, this is where big dollars can be leaked when managing project and ongoing technology operations. Let VTS’ experience lessen this burden so that you can focus on your business or organizations goals and objectives.

Business Intelligence

Today's business environment demands that you have decision-able information, at the right time, to drive your business. Our architects and analysts can help you design and develop your business intelligence solution. We offer BI services including OLAP, ETL, and Dashboard Solutions. On-Demand Business Intelligence [ODBI]- On-demand business intelligence is a solution for any business that already has an existing static reporting solution in place that produces accurate, but static reports. Because these static reports, often .pdfs, are not easily analyzed. Until now, businesses were only left with the option of a full blown data warehouse project, complete with the time, expensive and risk, to solve this problem. Learn more about our ODBI Proof of Concept.


Infrastructure is to technology, as air is to humans. Like air, properly functioning infrastructure is rarely thought about by businesses and organizations. However, as quickly as a lack of air changes the way humans function, so too is the case when technology infrastructure is not functioning properly. VTS has expert competence from deployment of high-availability data centers to the server closet of a your small business or non-profit organization.

Web Development

Working with our bench of web development resources, VTS is able to support all aspects of the web development lifecycle. Whether your project requires only configuration of an available web template, CMS template, Corporate Design, Flash/Media and Social Site Layout; or you need the rigor of guidance in specification development through to deployment of a custom site and hosting, VTS supports the entire web development lifecycle.


From earliest stages of the internet to the foreseeable future, all computer systems face security threats. And almost daily we hear news of computer and/or network breaches. At VTS, we have years of proven IT Security expertise, and we provide customized security solutions that fit any infrastructure size from a large network to securing a single computer.