Industry-Aligned Solutions

Key Performance Indicators [KPI’s], Web-based customer self-service, regulatory and statutory reporting, these are but a few of the things your business leans on technology to perform.  In today’s fast-paced, need-to-know business environment, it is difficult to find an aspect of any business’ operation that does not depend on technology and data.

Now, imagine not having to pay your technologist to learn enough about your industry to be helpful to you or your team.  What if your trusted technology advisor came equipped with deep domain knowledge of your industry vertical?  Further, what if your technology partner could help you to optimize your operations from years of actually delivering technology and data solutions to organizations similar to yours?

If you can imagine this type of relationship with your technologist, then you understand how VTS helps clients solve industry-aligned business problems with technology and data, while letting you focus on growing your business.

insurance-environmentsInsurance Environments

We recognize that each insurance operation is unique and we respect that. However, we have discovered through hands-on experience managing data in the P & C Insurance supply chain, that once you understand the basic data flows of the insurance vertical, there are inevitably themes and trends that each insurance operation faces, uniqueness notwithstanding.

learning-environmentsLearning Environments

VTS’ professionals have over 50 years of combined experience, and we have led successful, strategic technology deployments in the K-12 independent school space. We seek to leverage our experience in solving the campus-wide and classroom technology challenges that are most common to your constituencies, without a cookie-cutter approach. We take a holistic approach to identifying and understanding your constituent and their problems first. The result is a comprehensive technology approach that supports ‘your’ learning environment’s technology strategy, and increases your odds for success.


It’s been well-documented that technology solutions can provide nonprofits with the opportunity to reduce the time and cost of service delivery effectively, fundraising, and engaging stakeholders. While this potential exists, most nonprofits are not equipped with the proper technologists to realize this potential. A 2012 survey of 10,500 nonprofits, charities, and NGOs found that 60% claimed lack of knowledge is the single greatest barrier to technology adoption.

VTS has proven experience guiding nonprofit organizations through the process of leveraging technology to improve how services are delivered and received, including social media. For your nonprofit to benefit from technology integration, you will need a technology partner who is already familiar with this unique industry vertical.  VTS stands ready with experience to help chart a course for your success.